A wide range of original paintings by James Mackenzie are now available at Gallery43


James Mackenzie is a widely exhibited artist with a rapidly growing UK and international reputation. His expressionist 'Skyscapes' are particularly sought after and he shares their stage by stage development with his followers on Twitter.

He gained his Fine Art (Hons) Degree at Hertfordshire University in 2000. After his Degree he worked as a portrait Artist for a number of years before deciding to study for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Art and Design.

James went on to teach Art in secondary education for 7 years. He found this to be very rewarding, in particular, having the opportunity to teach and encourage students to reach their individual potentials and share his passion in Art.

During his time teaching he continued to paint and experiment with a wide range of styles and techniques. These ranged from his highly expressive portraits capturing the extremes of human emotion to his abstract landscapes representing geometric architectural forms, which almost merge the man-made with nature.

This was a real journey of discovery and, over the last few years, James has discovered the style about which he is most passionate, what he describes as a ‘natural’ style of painting. This ‘natural’ almost spontaneous painting style allows his subconscious to take hold and he is able to create landscapes, which previously existed only as memories or unconscious recollection.

James has now left the teaching profession to focus wholly on his Art career and he now creates artwork daily in his studio in Essex.

His 'Desolate Blue' series of paintings in this new style are, he feels, the start of a new and exciting journey.